The property has a professional playground with inflatable shelters for children from 8 to 13 years, and a field scenario . Immersed in a green park the structure is perfect for birthdays and private parties. We have two different game systems:
GOTCHA system (8-13 years old) is a game system suitable for children, with charge marker and paintballs cal50.
Normal system , or the real discipline of paintball. Air-loaded marker with cal. 68 paintballsIn this structure is available a bar service , where you can lean for buffets and indoor parties, service offered by reservation.


The Speedball is played in a 40x25 mt field with inflatable shelters of various shapes.
The 2 teams composed of a maximum number of players of 5 vs 5 per team must eliminate each other.
The terrain of the camp is natural grass with lights for the evening.


The Scenario field is structured with wooden shelters and has a surface area of 2000 square meters.
Here ,the biggest ones, can face themselves in exciting challenges , based on tactics, speed' and team play.
The camp can simultaneously host 2 teams of 8 vs 8 .
Thanks to large spaces equipped outside game Pitch , it is possible to organize game sessions up to a maximum of 80 people, organizing real tournaments.

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